Suave - craft beer Suave - craft beer Suave - craft beer




Wheat beer with a straw-yellow color, abundant and persistent foam.

The wheat malt and yeast used bring out fruity and spicy flavors. In the mouth, the slight acidity and lively carbonation makes it refreshing and pleasant to drink.

Suggested food pairing (but not only)

It can accompany pork and white meat, superlative with delicate fish recipes.
Ideal to sip in the moments of reflection where thoughts, as well as the foam, are a continual return.

Ingredients:  water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, yeast, spices, sugar.
ABV:     5,3% vol.
Degrees Plato:     10,5 °P

EBC: 6


IBU: 9

Serving temperature:     5-6°C


Bottle size:     33 cl and 75 cl


Keg size:     24 lt