Extrema Ratio - craft beer Extrema Ratio - craft beer Extrema Ratio - craft beer


Double IPA

Old-golden colored with intense orange reflections, dense foam.

Dry hopping gives off onto the nose fruity and herbaceous flavors.

Beer of great personality. The sharp bitterness is balanced by malt character which, combined with an extreme hopping, hides the alcohol and leaves a pleasant dry and bitter on the palate.


Suggested food pairing (but not only)

Ideal for grilled meats,  tasty plates and grilled fish.

Perfect in the important decisions, where your "extrema ratio" surely will be the right one.

Ingredients:     water, barley malt, hops, yeast, sugar.
ABV:     7,4% vol.

Degrees Plato:     15 °P


EBC: 13


IBU: 70

Serving temperature:     6-7°C


Bottle size:     33 cl and 75 cl


Keg size:     24 lt