Extrema Niger - craft beer Extrema Niger - craft beer Extrema Niger - craft beer


Black IPA bottle re-fermented

Black ink clour, fine and creamy foam.
The symbiosis between Extrema Ratio and Calix Niger has created this powerful beer. An intense aromas of hops creates a bouquet of resin, citrus and veiled toasty hints. The entrance in the palate is firm and aggressive, the roasted notes are dominated by a dry and sometimes pungent bitter. Long lasting and persisting final.


Food paring (but not only)

To match with aged cheese, red meat dishes, smoked fish. Intriguing with oysters.
Drink it whenever you have strong and determined ideas.



Ingredients:     water, barley malt, hops, yeast, sugar.
ABV:     7,2% vol.

Degrees Plato:     16,2 °P


EBC: 80


IBU: 70

Serving temperature:     10-13°C


Bottel size:     not available


Keg size:     24 lt