Brevis furor - craft beer ipa ipa Brevis furor - craft beer Brevis furor - craft beer ipa ipa



Slightly amber-coloured beer, fine and compact foam.
The nose reveals intense aromas of exotic fruit, with clear references to passion fruit, papaya and peach.
Fresh and dry on the palate where already at the first sip stand out the strong fruity notes of hops that leave room for a balanced and pleasantly bitter finish.

Suggested food pairing (but not only)

To taste with cheeses and jams, pleasant with tarts and sweet jam.
It can accompany lively discussions, where everyone is committed to assert their own reasons.

Ingredients:     water, barley malt, hops, yeast, sugar.
ABV:     6,3% vol.
Degrees Plato:     14 °P


EBC: 17


IBU: 50

Serving temperature:     6-7°C


Bottle size:     33 cl and 75 cl


Keg size:     24 lt