Calix Niger - birra artigianale Calix Niger, la neonata del Birrificio dei Castelli Imperial stout black beer chocalate Calix Niger Stout birra nera scura cioccolato caffe massa di cacao birra artigianale Birrificio dei Castelli Imperial stout black beer chocalate


Chocolate Stout

Ebony dark, compact foam hazelnut tones.

On the nose the elegant aroma of coffee is accompanied by notes of oak. In the mouth intense experience aroma given off by the union of noble cocoa, New Zealand hops and roasted malts. A strong notes of cocoa, softened by a hint of blackberry, envelops the palate and then give way to hints of roasted coffee.

Slow and intense finale, a soft and pungent structure  at the same time 


Suggested food pairing (but not only)  

It can accompany smoked foods, perfect with chocolate and coffee desserts.

To sip in moments of meditation, taking the necessary time to savor all the aromatic complexity.




Ingredients:     water, barley malt, hops, cocoa from Sur del Lago, yeast, sugar.

ABV:     6,7% vol.


Degrees Plato:     15 °P


EBC: 13


IBU: 70


Serving temperature:     6-7°C


Bottle size:     33 cl and 75 cl


Keg size:     24 lt